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Something new coming soon from the author of the Vampire Legacy series:

Karen is currently writing the scripts for the exciting CGI webseries, Star.Ella.

Star.Ella tells the story of five female explorers travelling space in a sentient female ship.

  Join Captain Ella Star, her ship, MOUSE, and their crew as they travel the galaxy, kicking butt, taking names, and saving the universe!


Available now from both in ebook and paperback!

Cover design by Melanie Miller Fletcher.

 See the CELLAR Book Trailer!


Happy  21st Anniversary to the Vampire Legacy series!!

In January 1994, BLOOD  SECRETS, the first novel in the series was released.

We're thrilled to still be in print today!

Click HERE to see the trailer for the whole Vampire Legacy series!


We were  honored recently to be included in's 2014 list of 18 spooky stories, in company with some really amazing writers.   You can see the whole list HERE.  Be sure to read the stories!


All books in the most recent reprinting of the Vampire Legacy series are available in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.  If you subscribe to the program, the books are free to download to your Kindle!












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