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May 25, 2015


Just a little treat for everyone (over the age of 18.)

It's like "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" meets "The Entity."

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May 17, 2015

A note to my readers:


Celebrating a birthday (even a non-milestone one) after a certain age makes one consider the past.  I’ve had a good life so far and rest assured I’m not planning on going anywhere else anytime soon.  When I look at my career as a writer, I know that I’ve had a good run with that too.  Twenty-two years ago my first novel was published by a fairly large publisher.  Over the years, six more novels in the series followed, and all of them are still in print and available today.  While I didn’t get rich and I didn’t get famous, I did acquire a cult-following of steadfast fans, which, when I think about it, is better than the famous part.  And ultimately, much better than the riches. 

I do want to take some time to talk about my fans.  They are the ones who’ve been with me since the beginning, or who picked the series up at the end and read their way backwards.  They are hunters in faded leather jackets who turn up at signings with dog-eared copies of the original paperbacks.  They are men and women in the military who’ve taken me with them on their travels.  They are men in jail who find a tattered copy of Blood Secrets in the prison library and write to me asking for the next one in the series.  They are vampire fans who want to discuss breaking the traditional rules.  They are wheelchair bound, night shift workers, ER nurses, and paramedics.  Young and old, they are friends, family, neighbors, and fellow writers.  Many of them say nice things, like “you’ve changed my life.”  Truth is, my readers, you have changed my life too; without you, I wouldn’t be a writer.

 I thank all of you, and send you love and best wishes.


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Happy  21st Anniversary to the Vampire Legacy series!!

In January 1994, BLOOD  SECRETS, the first novel in the series was released.

We're thrilled to still be in print today!

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We were  honored recently to be included in's 2014 list of 18 spooky stories, in company with some really amazing writers.   You can see the whole list HERE.  Be sure to read the stories!




 All books in the most recent reprinting of the Vampire Legacy series are available in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.  If you subscribe to the program, the books are free to download to your Kindle!









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