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Happy  20th Anniversary to the Vampire Legacy series!!

In January 1994, BLOOD  SECRETS, the first novel in the series was released.

We're thrilled to still be in print today!

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BLOOD RED DAWN:  The Vampire Legacy

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 For Deirdre Griffin and her lover, Mitch, the prospect of immortality is bearable - as long as they can be together. Then Deirdre goes missing, and the only clue is a syringe that may have contained a paralytic drug engineered to affect vampires. Deirdre's blood is undergoing a metamorphosis that could cure her vampirism, but may have dangerous side effects. There is a chance to reverse the change except for one glitch - she's pregnant. The search for his mate will take Mitch across the ocean to New Orleans, the haunted city that was once Deirdre's home. Whoever took Deirdre has also jeopardised the life of Mitch's unborn child - the last link he has to humanity. And should harm befall either of them, he'll take his revenge in blood.







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