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ISBN: 978-0-7582-8501-0
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The 7th novel in the Vampire Legacy Series.

For reluctant vampires, Deirdre Griffin and her lover, Mitch, the prospect of eternity is bearable -- as long as they can spend it together. At their English seaside pub, The Black Rose, they charge tourists by the pint...of blood. But when Deirdre goes missing, everything is in peril of changing -- most of all, Deirdre. For her blood is undergoing a strange metamorphosis, one that will leave her neither vampire nor human, but something entirely mysterious and ultimately dead. Mitch knows only that whoever has taken her has also jeopardized his last link to humanity -- their unborn child. As he embarks on a desperate search, Deirdre faces an astonishing choice, one that will require she make use of her sharpest instincts; to the very last drop...

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