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Two years ago, Deirdre Griffin swore she would never return to New York City, swore she would never again see the love of her life, Mitch Greer. But never is a long time, especially to a vampire. As her self-imposed exile in London grows ever more complicated and debased by the haunting influence of the dead vampire who turned her, she’s almost relieved when Christopher Greer shows up to enlist her help in saving his father’s sanity.

When she returns, Deirdre learns of the Cadre, an international organization of vampires. They’re the ones responsible for driving Mitch into insanity, as punishment for his murder of one of their own. Deirdre knows he is innocent since she herself drove the stake deep into her maker’s heart. There is no choice -- she must save Mitch, but at what cost – love, liberty, or the end of her eternal life?

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