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Love is a powerful emotion. In fantasy, it can turn monsters into men. Or men into monsters. Then again, maybe we’re all just a little bit of both. The erotic and erotic horror stories featured in this collection depict love, hate, and sex, and all the many variations in between. 



Author’s note: This is a collection of erotic and erotic horror stories – all of these stories contain explicit sex and violence, and should be read by mature audiences only .


Available in ebook, trade paperback, and audio formats.

Something’s not quite right about the neighborhood of Woodland Heights. Five years ago six children disappeared in this suburban heaven. When Laura Wagner moves into a house that had been vacant for most of those five years, this something comes alive.

Laura Wagner, divorced mother of two, addicted to alcohol and Valium, sees nothing wrong with her life; she sees nothing much at all. She gets by as well as she can, aided by the solace of her drugs and whiskey, until the day she backs into a police car in the parking lot of her favorite bar and is sentenced to involuntary rehabilitation treatments. 

Returning home clean and sober is an eye-opening experience. The spirit dwelling in her house reveals its true, evil nature and begins to prey upon her, her friends, even her children, avid to spread its message of death and despair. 

Laura must learn to control her inner demons before she can subdue these outside forces threatening to break free. She must learn how to distinguish hallucinations from reality, learn how to stop the spirit that requires her death and the deaths of her loved ones. 

Available in ebook, trade paperback, and audio formats.

Mara Hawthorne found the perfect attic apartment in a small town far away from the heartbreaks of her former life in New York City. Her new home has everything she needs: an abundance of natural light for painting, a handsome landlord, peace and quiet. But something secret hides in the shadows and watches her every move.


All her life, she has wished for nothing more than someone to love, someone who would love her and never leave her.

Be careful what you wish for… 

Authors Note: This a an erotic horror novella -- it contains explicit sex and some violence. It should be read by mature audiences only. 

Available in ebook, trade paperback, and audio formats.

A vampire named Bitsy. A grieving father’s rage. An intergalactic cosmetic saleswoman. Loving wives, thwarted mistresses. Demons, ghosts, gods and angels. Telepathic dinosaurs and humanoid robots. What do these diverse elements have in common? Stories about them have sprung from the imagination of Karen E. Taylor, a Bram Stoker Award nominated author.


In Mexican Moon and Other Stories, the writer of the popular Vampire Legacy series will take you on a tour of distant planets, drafty castles, haunted houses and the most frightening place of all: the dark recesses of the human heart.


Available in ebook, trade paperback, and audio formats.

When an intergalactic cosmetic saleswoman crashes on a planet populated with sentient, genetically altered dinosaurs, she certainly doesn't expect to meet the male of her dreams. But what she discovers about the planet's inhabitants will change her life forever.


Available in ebook, trade paperback, and audio formats.

When Count Dracula leaves his three lonely wives behind in Transylvania to pursue new interests in England, he doesn't suspect the plot the ladies hatch for his return.

Available in ebook and trade paperback.

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