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Something different for me, a cookbook!

A Week's Worth will be available in ebook, tradepaper, and spiral bound versions.

Its release date is 2/28/18 and the ebook can be pre-ordered here.

The deluxe spiral bound version is already available at lulu. Click here!

Happening right now across the country in countless homes -- maybe even yours!

Family: What's for dinner?
You: What would you like for dinner?
Family: We don't care.
You: !!!

Don't despair. This cookbook can help you prepare a hot and satisfying main meal every day of the week. A Week's Worth will also give you hints and suggestions, bonus recipes, nutritional information, and a complete shopping list. And as an added benefit, each entrée recipe has less than 475 calories per serving.

Forget take-out and expensive meal plans. With just a little time for shopping and preparation you too can serve delicious meals and save money as well.

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